June 16, 2018

NAVAJO NATION : The View Restaurant - Oljato-Monument Valley

The View Hotel
Oljato-Monument Valley

People on The View Restaurant, Oljato-Monument Valley, Utah/AZ

The Mittens
oljato-monument valley
Merrick Butte

East and West Mitten Buttes (also known collectively as The Mittens) are two distinctive geological features found within the Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park in northeast Navajo County, Arizona. When viewed from the south, the buttes appear to be two gigantic mittens with their thumbs facing inwards.

The two buttes are about 0.6 miles (0.97 km) from the Arizona–Utah state line and West Mitten Butte is 1.1 miles (1.8 km) northeast of the park headquarters. The summit of West Mitten Butte is 6,176 feet (1,882 m) in elevation and East Mitten Butte is 6,226 feet (1,898 m).

The Mittens form a triangle with Merrick's Butte about 2/3 of a mile to the south and, with Sentinel Mesa, are in the Mitten Buttes Quadrangle.

The buttes are made of three principal rock layers. The lowest layer is Organ Rock Shale, the middle is de Chelly Sandstone, and the top layer is the Moenkopi Formation capped by Shinarump Conglomerate.


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Canon EOS Kiss X2

JR. Monterose
JR. Monterose - Central Park West "A little pleasure" (jazz)

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