September 22, 2016

ARIZONA : Grand Canyon National Park - Yaki Point

Desert View Drive

Grand Canyon background at Sunset, seen from Yaki point, South rim, Arizona

Desert View Drive is a scenic route to the east of Grand Canyon Village on the South Rim which follows the rim for 25 miles (40 km) out to the Desert View Watchtower and East Entrance. Along the way:

* Six developed canyon viewpoints
* Four picnic areas
* Five unmarked pullouts
* Are all accessible with private vehicles
* in addition to the Tusayan Museum and ruin site

The Desert View services area includes the historic Watchtower, which is now the Desert View Visitor Center and bookstore, the trading post and snack bar, marketplace/general store, service station, seasonal campground, and restrooms.

Yaki Point
(Elevation: 7262 feet / 2213 meters)

Yaki Point is the only viewpoint on Desert View Drive that is not accessible with a private vehicle. It can be reached using the free Kaibab Rim Route (Orange) Shuttle Bus departing from the Grand Canyon Visitor Center.

Yaki Point is a quiet place from which to enjoy sunset or sunrise.

Restrooms are located here.

National Park Service

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Grand Canyon National Park

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