April 21, 2016

UTAH / COLORADO : Hovenweep National Monument

Southwestern Colorado and Southeastern Utah, between Cortez, Colorado and Blanding, Utah

Hovenweep Castle, Montezuma County Colorado & San Juan County  Utah, USA

Hovenweep National Monument

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Hovenweep National Monument is located on land in southwestern Colorado and southeastern Utah, between Cortez, Colorado and Blanding, Utah on the Cajon Mesa of the Great Sage Plain. Shallow tributaries run through the wide and deep canyons into the San Juan River.

Although Hovenweep National Monument is largely known for the six groups of Ancestral Puebloan villages, there is evidence of occupation by hunter-gatherers from 8,000 to 6,000 B.C. until about AD 200. Later, a succession of early puebloan cultures settled in the area and remained until the 14th century.

Hovenweep became a National Monument in 1923 and is administered by the National Park Service. In July 2014, the International Dark-Sky Association designated Hovenweep an International Dark Sky Park.

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