May 11, 2015

MONTANA : Two Medicine - Glacier N.P.

Running Eagle Falls

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Most visitors miss Two Medicine. Those who find it, are rewarded with some of the best scenic hiking to be found. Trails to Scenic Point, Cobalt Lake, Aster Park, and Old Man Lake are all excellent. Guided boat trips on Two Medicine Lake make No Name Lake,Upper Two Medicine Lake, and Twin Falls easy family trips. Don’t miss Running Eagle Falls. Site of a wheelchair-accessible nature trail, this area highlights Native American use of plants, and the spiritual importance of this site to the neighboring Blackfeet Tribe.

Running Eagle Falls (also called Trick Falls), Two Medicine Valley, Glacier National Park

Two Medicine Lake

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Before the Going-to-the-Sun Road was constructed, Two Medicine was a primary destination for travelers arriving by train. After spending a night at Glacier Park Lodge, visitors climbed on horseback to travel to Two Medicine for a night in one of several rustic chalets or canvas tipis built by the Great Northern Railway. From Two Medicine, a system of backcountry tent camps and chalets within the park allowed these adventurous visitors to live in Glacier's wild interior.

Backpackers and dayhikers find this area rich in scenery, providing those willing to travel by foot into the mountains with a true wilderness experience. Tenderfeet can also venture off the roads and into the wild with a casual boat tour on Two Medicine Lake.

Today, Two Medicine has become a somewhat off-the-beaten-path discovery for most park visitors. Once discovered however it's easy to see why many people consider this their favorite part of Glacier National Park. Amazing vistas, extensive trails, crashing waterfalls, and sparkling lakes await.

Sinopah Mountain at Two Medicine Lake, Glacier National Park, Montana

Two Medicine, Glacier National Park

Two Medicine
Running Eagle Falls
Two Medicine Lake
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