February 17, 2014

UTAH: San Juan County - Mexican Hat

Mexican Hat

Mexican Hat, Sombrero-shaped Rock, Mexican Hat, Utah
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The Mexican Hat Rock

Mexican Hat is a census-designated place (CDP) on the San Juan River in south-central San Juan County, Utah, United States. The population was 31 at the 2010 census, a sharp decline from the previous two censuses.

The name "Mexican Hat" comes from a curiously sombrero-shaped, 60-foot (18 m) wide by 12-foot (3.7 m) thick, rock outcropping on the northeast edge of town. The "Hat"' has two rock climbing routes ascending it. It has frequently been noted on lists of unusual place names.

The CDP is on U.S. Route 163 just 3 miles (5 km) south of the junction with State Route 261, and is just outside the northern boundary of both the Navajo Nation and Monument Valley. Goosenecks State Park is located just 9 miles (14 km) west-northwest, Alhambra Rock is 6 miles (10 km) west-southwest, and the Valley of the Gods is to the north on U.S. 163.

According to the United States Census Bureau, the CDP has a total area of 8.5 square miles (22 km2), of which 8.2 square miles (21 km2) is land (96%) and 0.3 square miles (0.78 km2) is water (4%).

 The San Juan River in south-central, San Juan County, Utah
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u t a h

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Ike Quebec
Ike Quebec - Favela "Bossa Nova Soul Samba" (jazz)

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February 10, 2014

NAVAJO NATION : The Mittens and Merrick Butte - M.V.

the Mittens
monument valley

West Mitten Butte

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A Perfect Glory of Morning Time at West Mitten Butte

East Mitten Butte, and Merrick Butte

A Perfect Glory of Morning Time at East Mitten Butte and Merrick Butte

West Mitten Butte, East Mitten Butte, and Merrick Butte

Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park

Arizona-Utah, U.S.A.

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Flora Purim And Airto
Flora Purim And Airto - Jogral "Humble People" (jazz fusion)

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the ApplePie
A New York City Apple Society Book

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February 3, 2014

ARIZONA : Clouds and Mountains - San Francisco Mt.

F l a g s t a f f
grand canyon state

Clouds and San Francisco Peaks, near Flagstaff, Arizona

San Francisco Peaks

The San Francisco Peaks are a volcanic mountain range located in north central Arizona, just north of Flagstaff. The highest summit in the range, Humphreys Peak, is the highest point in the state of Arizona at 12,633 feet (3,851 m) in elevation. The San Francisco Peaks are the remains of an eroded stratovolcano. An aquifer within the caldera supplies much of Flagstaff's water while the mountain itself is located within the Coconino National Forest and is a popular site for outdoor recreation. The Arizona Snowbowl ski area is located on the western slopes of Humphreys Peak, and has been the subject of major controversy involving several tribes and environmental groups.

The mountain provides a number of recreational opportunities, including wintertime snow skiing and hiking the rest of the year. Hart Prairie is a popular hiking area and Nature Conservancy preserve located below the mountain's ski resort, Arizona Snowbowl.

Humphreys Peak (latitude 35°20'47" N) and Agassiz Peak (latitude 35°19'33" N) are the two farthest south-lying mountain peaks in the contiguous United States which rise to a height of more than 12,000 feet above sea level.

Prior to its collapse due to a lateral eruption to the northeast (around 200,000 years ago) and subsequent glacial erosion, the San Francisco Peaks fully matured elevation is interpreted to have been around 16,000 feet above sea level

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King Crimson
King Crimson - I Talk to the Wind 
"In the Court of the Crimson King"

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