November 26, 2013

NEW YORK : Long Island - New York


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A sun comes out at  MacArthur Hotel, Long Island, New York

Our airplane was delayed for arriving at JFK airport.
Our arranged limo has gone...
nobody waited for us.
We were optimistic.  That was OK.

We picked up the van that we shared with other passengers.
Than, we checked in the hotel almost at midnight.
Next morning, we were stunned by the foliage from our room window.

Long Island

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Long Island is an island located just off the northeast coast of the United States and a region within the U.S. state of New York. Stretching east-northeast from New York Harbor into the Atlantic Ocean, the island comprises four counties: Kings and Queens (these form the New York City boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens, respectively) to the west; then Nassau and Suffolk to the east. However, many people in the New York metropolitan area (even those living in Queens and Brooklyn) colloquially use the term "Long Island" (or "The Island") exclusively to refer to the Nassau-Suffolk county area collectively, which is mainly suburban in character. North of the island is Long Island Sound, across which are the states of Connecticut and Rhode Island.

With a Census-estimated population of 7,804,968 in 2014, constituting nearly 40% of New York State's population, Long Island is the most populated island in any U.S. state or territory, and the 17th-most populous island in the world (ahead of Ireland, Jamaica, and Hokkaidō). Its population density is 5,571 inhabitants per square mile (2,151/km2). If Long Island geographically constituted an independent metropolitan statistical area, it would rank fourth most populous in the United States; while if it were a U.S. state, Long Island would rank 13th in population and first in population density.

Both the longest and the largest island in the contiguous United States, Long Island extends 118 miles (190 km) eastward from New York Harbor to Montauk Point, with a maximum north-to-south distance of 23 miles (37 km) between Long Island Sound and the Atlantic coast. With a land area of 1,401 square miles (3,629 km2), Long Island is the 11th-largest island in the United States and the 148th-largest island in the world — larger than the 1,214 square miles (3,140 km2) of the smallest state, Rhode Island.

Two of the New York City metropolitan area's three busiest airports, JFK International Airport and LaGuardia Airport, are located on Long Island, in Queens. Nine bridges and 13 tunnels (including railroad tunnels) connect Brooklyn and Queens (and thus Long Island) to the three other boroughs of New York City. Ferries connect Suffolk County northward across Long Island Sound to the state of Connecticut.

Well, next morning I met an American manager and explained
the trouble at the airport.  No trace why the limo has gone.
He just said,

and he was back to his work.

Here was in the U.S.  I talked to myself,

It reminded me the first day at NY office.

Courtyard by Marriott Long Island MacArthur Airport Hotel

5000 Express Drive South

Ronkonkoma, NY 11779

n e w y o r k

Nikon F3

McCOY TYNER - Search For Peace "The Real McCoy" (1967)

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the ApplePie
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